Prac focus is not exactly ICT

This prac was meant to be about ICT integration but like my peers including Fletch¬†it is more about behaviour management. I find myself recalling strategies I learned about in previous courses for example, ignore secondary behaviours, use a firm voice and expect them to follow your instructions. It sounds easy but that isn’t always the […]

The Last Week

Tomorrow is the beginning of the last week of professional experience.I am looking forward to normal life again but I will miss the students in the SEP and collaborating with my mentor. The students are a mixed group from year one to four in the same class but all have different disabilities or behaviour issues […]


Thank goodness for YouTube! A never ending source of songs and fun activities for the students in my special ed class on prac. The songs about shapes, counting and phonics have been invaluable as a way to gain their attention and have them sitting ready to listen no matter how short that time is. I […]

Week 1 is Over!

I enjoyed my first week of prac although I was exhausted juggling assignments, lesson planning and my family. I have a great mentor who encourages and shares her knowledge of special ed. I am not sure how much transforming of students’ learning I will be able to do given the cognitive level of the students […]

Stress Levels

Stress levels are climbing with all assignments due and prac looming. Others like Miss Bultitude¬†are feeling the pressure. I am sure we will look back on this time in our lives and wonder how we got through it. My children are adults and my husband is fully domesticated, lol. He cooks, cleans and shops for […]


I have been preparing for professional development, going through lesson plans I have used on previous placements to see if I can revamp them with some ICT and I reflected on all the ICT things I have done as part of this degree. Website creation for three subjects, photostory, powerpoint, webquest to name a few. […]

Previous Professional Experience, Part 2

One of my previous professional experiences was completed in a government funded Early Childhood Development Program. This was a valuable experience where I was working with students with severe disabilities. The use of ICT was fairly limited for some students with some lessons including getting the student who was wheel chair bound and non-verbal to […]